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Our company is constantly evolving in technology and our staff is highly qualified, which makes it a valid solution for your furnishing fittings.

Furniture fitting

B2 srl boasts 20 years of experience in furnishings, especially for residential and prestigious residential homes.

It is available to customers to meet different needs and satisfy all requests.

Set-ups in general

B2 srl boasts a professional team of carpenters, who can carry out all the necessary works in the construction phase.

The high expertise of the carpentry department also allows for solving any technical or conceptual problems to achieve customised solutions.

B2 srl also provides carpenters and technicians to companies that request it to meet specific needs.

Creation of plasterboards and suspended ceilings

B2 srl realises suspended ceilings.

It provides this service to individuals and companies and to shops and hotels.

It has the ability and the skills to meet any request and also to sign high profile projects.

Floor laying

B2 srl provides an expert flooring service to companies and individuals.

It is versatile which allows it to respond to a broad range of varied requests.

The technicians are always up to date on the latest innovations and technologies, they work all the materials with high expertise, from solid parquet to various different types of solutions.